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Montecatini Restaurant Offers the Best Pizza

Montecatini Restaurant, located in Bird Road Plaza on 42nd Street in Kendall, Florida, offers a family dining atmosphere and affordable, delicious pizza. Check out our comprehensive menu of innovative pizza options served by our friendly staff.

At Montecatini Restaurant, we offer more than 20 varieties of wood-fired pizzas that include –

  • Pizza Montecatini – with burrata, prosciutto and basil.

  • Classic Cheese.

  • Margarita.

  • Ham, Prosciutto, or Chorizo.

  • Havana – with cheese, tomatoes, ground beef, bacon, green olives, and onion.

  • Hawaiian - with bacon, ham, and pineapple.

  • Tuna, Lobster, or Shrimp.

  • White Pizza with Mushrooms.

  • Four Cheese – mozzarella, gouda, blue cheese, and provolone cheese and tomato sauce.

If you want to contact Montecatini or place an order, please use these options -

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